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Fractional Chief Product Officer

If you are a startup founder, Apurva will be your thought partner and hands-on product leader to shape your pitch deck, analyze competition, launch your MVP and define a solid GTM. With experience launching successful 0 to 1 products within tech companies,


Apurva has a keen eye for user needs and metrics, blending both to launch products that users love and that create business impact. She launched Chegg’s first subscription product (Chegg Study Pack w/ 1MM+ MAUs), Amazon’s search and discovery experience for the 0 to 1 Music/Video product lines  ($3B+/year business) and core products on Upwork’s Talent Marketplace (800K+ spending/earning users).


She is currently the Fractional CPO for 2 pre-seed startups: an AI-based HR Tech SaaS solution and a women’s health and wellness product.


Product Consulting

If you are an established business, Apurva will work alongside your team to identify new growth vectors, define the product strategy, build the roadmap and establish clear OKRs and KPIs for success.


Apurva is also able to lead product initiatives grounds-up for complex, strategic initiatives with significant organizational, business or technical complexity. Apurva is currently working as a product consultant with Dooner Social Ventures, an organization that is involved with social impact investing - mission-driven tech startups - venture philanthropy.



Having directly led large, global cross-functional teams of 30-60 PMs, UX Designers/Researchers and Engineers, Apurva has enjoyed coaching both senior leaders and ICs to successful career outcomes. Apurva’s leadership philosophy is anchored in her personal values of integrity, resilience and compassion.


To that end, she guides people to realizing their full potential by identifying their dreams, defining the skills they need to be successful and then methodically developing their skills with a learning mindset. Additionally, she will work with HR and product leadership teams to define career levels and rubrics.

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